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The genome-wide screening of yeast deletion mutants to identify the genes required for tolerance to ethanol and other alcohols.
A global screening approach of yeast deletion library mutants was useful in elucidating the mechanisms of alcohol tolerance based on different lipophilicities. Expand
Protein adsorption of ultrafine metal oxide and its influence on cytotoxicity toward cultured cells.
The adsorption ability of metal oxide nanoparticles is an important factor for the estimation of cytotoxicity in vitro for low-toxicity materials. Expand
Novel rice MAP kinases OsMSRMK3 and OsWJUMK1 involved in encountering diverse environmental stresses and developmental regulation.
A role for OsMSRMK3 and OsWJUMK1 in both stress-signalling pathways and development in rice is suggested, and these MAPKs were developmentally regulated. Expand
Diverse environmental cues transiently regulate OsOPR1 of the "octadecanoid pathway" revealing its importance in rice defense/stress and development.
Surprisingly, co-application of signaling molecules JA, salicylate and ethylene, resulted in a massive accumulation of the OsOPR1 transcript at 30 min and remained elevated with time, a new observation that strongly suggest a regulatory role for OsopR1 in rice plant defense/stress response pathway(s) and reproduction. Expand
Evaluation of toxicity of the mycotoxin citrinin using yeast ORF DNA microarray and Oligo DNA microarray
Results from both microarray studies suggest that citrinin treatment induced oxidative stress in yeast cells, suggesting thatcitrinin is less toxic than patulin. Expand
Gene transcription in the leaves of rice undergoing salt-induced morphological changes (Oryza sativa L.).
Interestingly, a potential compatible solute, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), was also found to be strongly induced by salt stress along with marked up-regulation of transcripts of GABA-transaminase. Expand
Inhibition of food spoilage yeasts and aflatoxigenic moulds by monoterpenes of the spice Aframomum danielli
Essential oil monoterpenes (α-terpinene, (+)-limonene, α-pinene, 1,8-cineole) of the spice Aframomum danielli were tested for in vitro antifungal activities against some food spoilage yeastsExpand
Bioassay of cadmium using a DNA microarray: genome-wide expression patterns of Saccharomyces cerevisiae response to cadmium.
DNA microarray technology enables genome-wide detection of cell response at the transcriptional level and is concluded that DNA microarrays are very useful instruments for creating new bioassay systems and finding genetic promoters of stress indicators. Expand
A Simple and Rapid Dual‑fluorescence Viability Assay for Microalgae
A dual-fluorescence method was developed to assay the viability of microalgae and was tested in five strains of cyanobacteria and a green algae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, finding good correlation in five of six strains between the real percentage of livemicroalgae in the samples and that measured by the double- fluorescence method. Expand
Isolation of novel rice (Oryza sativa L.) multiple stress responsive MAP kinase gene, OsMSRMK2, whose mRNA accumulates rapidly in response to environmental cues.
Results demonstrating dramatic transcriptional and transient regulation of the OsMSRMK2 expression by diverse biotic/abiotic stresses, a first report for any rice (or plant) MAPK to date, suggest a role for OsMS RMK2 in rice defense/stress response pathways. Expand