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Mercury removal from water using activated carbons derived from organic sewage sludge.
Various types of activated carbons were developed from organic sewage sludge (SS) using H(2)SO(4), H(3)PO(4) and ZnCl(2) as chemical activation reagents, and the removal of Hg(II) from aqueousExpand
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Microstructure and mechanical properties of B6O-B4C sintered composites prepared under high pressure
Sintered composites in the B6O-xB4C (x = 0–40 vol%) system were prepared under high pressure and high temperature conditions (3–5 GPa, 1500–1800°C) from the mixture of in-laboratory synthesized B6OExpand
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Synthesis of gold nanoparticles modified with ionic liquid based on the imidazolium cation.
The synthesis and processing of nanoparticles consisting of metallic nanocrystal cores and organic monolayer shells promise interesting technological applications. Here, we report the synthesis ofExpand
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Iron oxide-loaded slag for arsenic removal from aqueous system.
An effective adsorbent for arsenic removal from aqueous system was synthesized by loading iron(III) oxide on municipal solid waste incinerator melted slag. The loading was accomplished via chemicalExpand
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Extraction of metals from municipal solid waste incinerator fly ash by hydrothermal process.
This work examined the extraction properties of metallic elements from municipal incinerator fly ash under hydrothermal conditions. The ash was firstly pre-washed by distilled water, then subjectedExpand
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Precipitation recovery of boron from wastewater by hydrothermal mineralization.
It is well known that boric acid exhibits various toxic effects on plant, animal and human beings even at very low concentrations. Thus, the development of boron-removal technique from wastewater hasExpand
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Development of an eco-friendly material recycling process for spent lead glass using a mechanochemical process and Na2EDTA reagent.
To develop a novel nonheating method with lower energy consumption and higher efficiency for recovering both lead and SiO2 glass matrix from spent lead-glass powder, we attempted to treat the spentExpand
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Hydrogen Production from Methane and Water on Platinum Loaded Titanium Oxide Photocatalysts
Photocatalytic reaction of CH4 gas with H2O vapor was examined over Pt/TiO2 around room temperature (ca. 323 K) in a flow reactor. H2 and CO2 were the main products, and only trace amounts of C2H6Expand
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High Pressure. High Pressure Sintering of B6O Powder and Properties of Sintered Compact.
B6O sintered compacts were prepared by high pressure and temperature treatments of in-laboratory synthesized B6O powder. Sinterable B6O powder with grain sizes of 1.2-1.4μm was formed above 1300°C inExpand
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High pressure consolidation of B6O-diamond mixtures
Sintered composites in the B6O-xdiamond (x= 0–80 vol%) system were prepared under high pressure and high temperature conditions (3–5 GPa, 1400–1800°C) from the mixture of in-laboratory synthesizedExpand
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