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Growth and electrical properties of atomic-layer deposited ZrO2 /Si-nitride stack gate dielectrics
We deposited ZrO2 thin films by atomic-layer deposition (ALD) using zirconium tertiary–butoxide [Zr(t-OC4H9)4, (ZTB)] and H2O source gases on Si substrates at low temperatures. We grew ZrO2 filmsExpand
Interplay between spin-orbit interaction and stripe-type charge-orbital order of IrTe2
Abstract We have studied the electronic structure of the stripe-type charge-orbital ordered phase of IrTe2 by means of angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. An electron pocket at the BrillouinExpand
Boron-Stabilized Planar Neutral π-Radicals with Well-Balanced Ambipolar Charge-Transport Properties.
A boron-stabilized triphenylmethyl radical is disclosed that shows outstanding thermal stability and resistance toward atmospheric conditions due to the substantial spin delocalization in organic neutral π-monoradicals. Expand
Robust, high-performance n-type organic semiconductors
The present study describes the design and synthesis of n-type OSCs based on challenging molecular features involving a π-electron core containing electronegative N atoms and substituents that exhibit high electron mobilities with high reliability, atmospheric stability, and robustness against environmental and heat stresses. Expand
A novel positive-type photosensitive polyimide based on soluble block copolyimide showing low dielectric constant with a low-temperature curing process
A soluble block copolyimide (Bco-PI) was prepared by direct one-pot polycondensation of 2,2-bis-(3-amino-4-hydroxyphenyl)hexafluoropropane, 2,2-bis[4-(4-aminophenoxy)phenyl]hexafluoropropane, andExpand
Superconductivity in Noncentrosymmetric Iridium Silicide Li2IrSi3
The effects of lithium absorption on the crystal structure and electronic properties of IrSi3, a binary silicide with a noncentrosymmetric crystal structure, were studied. X-ray and neutronExpand
Zigzag‐Elongated Fused π‐Electronic Core: A Molecular Design Strategy to Maximize Charge‐Carrier Mobility
A comprehensive investigation reveals that the ChDT π‐core exhibits increasing structural stability in the bulk crystal phase, and that it is unaffected by a variation of the transfer integral, induced by the perpetual molecular motion of organic materials. Expand
High performance solution-crystallized thin-film transistors based on V-shaped thieno[3,2-f:4,5-f′]bis[1]benzothiophene semiconductors
A new class of solution-processable thieno[3,2-f:4,5-f′]bis[1]benzothiophene (TBBT-V) semiconductors are investigated. Semiconductors with decyl substituents and two kinds of π-extended decylthienylExpand
Nanometer-scale surface element analysis in polymers using laser ablation atomic fluorescence spectroscopy
In this paper, laser ablation atomic fluorescence (LAAF) spectroscopy has been applied for a nanometer-scale solid surface analysis of Na-doped polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). LAAF spectroscopy is aExpand
A novel one-dimensional electronic state at IrTe2 Surface
Highly one-dimensional (1D) Fermi sheets are realized at the surface of a layered Ir telluride IrTe2 which exhibits a stripe-type charge and orbital order below ∼280 K. The 1D Fermi sheets appear inExpand