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Mutarotation of sugars in solution. 1. History, basic kinetics, and composition of sugar solutions.
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the reactions involved and the rates of the interconversion of the molecular species present. The changes that take place can be studied by a variety ofExpand
Tolerance and addiction liability of 6-dimethylamino-4-4-diphenylheptanone-3 (methadon).
Because the pharmacologic properties of 6-dimethylamino-4-4-diphenyl-heptanone-3 ( methadon)1resemble those of morphine and because methadon has been shown to be an effective analgesic substance inExpand
Mutarotation of sugars in solution. II. Catalytic processes, isotope effects, reaction mechanisms, and biochemical aspects.
Publisher Summary This chapter describes the mutarotations of α and β-D-glucose. The mutarotations of all reducing sugars are catalyzed by acids and bases. Differences in the ionization for α andExpand
Evidence of stable hydrogen-bonded ions during isomerization of hexoses in alkali
Abstract Epimeric pairs of aldohexoses and the related ketohexose were isomerized in aqueous KOH at various temperatures and pH values, and the mixtures then analyzed by h.p.l.c. on either aExpand