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Long-term in vivo alterations of polyester vascular grafts in humans.
OBJECTIVES To examine the influence of in vivo hydrolysis on the physical properties of polyester grafts and their correlation to the period of implantation in the human body. MATERIALS AND METHODSExpand
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Corroded Nitinol Wires in Explanted Aortic Endografts: An Important Mechanism of Failure?
Purpose: To analyze surface alterations and fractures observed in the nitinol stent wires of explanted endovascular grafts used for treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysm. Methods: Twenty-oneExpand
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Longitudinal ruptures of polyester knitted vascular prostheses.
AIM The purpose of the study was the characterization of a type of rupture occurring on warp-knitted polyester vascular prostheses. MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied 20 cases of warp-knittedExpand
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What can we learn from explanted endovascular devices?
OBJECTIVE To examine the durability of the Stentor and Vanguard endovascular devices in human implants. METHODS The textile covering, the polypropylene ligatures and the stent metal of 34 devicesExpand
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Vascular tumors simulating occlusive disease.
Two cases of vascular tumors of large vessels with intraluminal growth simulating venous thrombosis and arterial occlusive disease are reported. One was a borderline malignant epithelioidExpand
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[Reconstructive carotid artery surgery in cerebrovascular insufficiency].
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Results of a bovine collagen vascular graft (Solcograft-P) in infra-inguinal positions.
A new bovine collagen prosthesis (SOLCOGRAFT P) was tested clinically. Previous biophysical and animal experiments had yielded promising results, including a modulus of elasticity closely resemblingExpand
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Frame dislocation of body middle rings in endovascular stent tube grafts.
OBJECTIVES To understand the cause, and propose a mechanism for frame dislocation in endovascular grafts. MATERIALS AND METHODS Five tube grafts were explanted due to secondary distal leakage 15-21Expand
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