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Influence of dietary trans-fatty acids on swine lipoprotein composition and structure.
Four groups of 20 weanling swine each were fed either (a) basal diet, (b) basal plus hydrogenated fat (13% trans), (c) basal plus hydrogenated fat (13% trans) and 0.4% cholesterol, or (d) basal plusExpand
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Lipid composition of hepatitis B virus surface antigen particles and the particle-producing human hepatoma cell lines.
More than 90% of lipids of hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg) particles produced by two human hepatoma cell lines (huGK-14 and PLC/PRF/5) were composed of phospholipids, withExpand
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Okilactomycin, a novel antibiotic produced by a Streptomyces species. I. Taxonomy, fermentation, isolation and characterization.
Okilactomycin, a novel antibiotic, was isolated from the culture filtrate of a strain of actinomycetes. The producing organism, strain YP-02908L, was identified as Streptomyces griseoflavus subsp.Expand
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Okilactomycin, a novel antibiotic produced by a Streptomyces species. II. Structure determination.
Structure of a novel antibiotic, okilactomycin, was determined by a combination of spectroscopic and X-ray crystallographic studies. Okilactomycin has a unique structure containing 13-membered ringExpand
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Izenamicins: macrolide antibiotics.
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Phthoramycin, a new antibiotic active against a plant pathogen, Phytophthora sp.
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YM-47515, a novel isonitrile antibiotic from Micromonospora echinospora subsp. echinospora.
During the course of our screening for new antibiotics, Micromonospora echinospora subsp. echinospora Y-03559J was found to produce a novel isonitrile compound, YM-47515 (1) along with a probableExpand
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Structure and biosynthesis of a new antifungal antibiotic, phthoramycin.
Sir: Wehave demonstrated that the feeding experiments using 13C enriched precursors are useful means for structure elucidation of polyketide antibiotics.1*^ In the course of screening for antifungalExpand
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