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Spider Venoms and Spider Toxins
AbstractSpider venoms and toxins are useful tools for the study of ion channels and synaptic functions of neurons in vertebrates and invertebrates. The components of spider venom, such as proteins,
Japanese map of the earwax gene frequency: a nationwide collaborative study by Super Science High School Consortium
Although the allele-A frequency varied among the 47 prefectures, the Gifu/Kyoto and Okinawa prefecture showed the highest and lowest values, respectively, which may provide another line of evidence supporting a possible route of the Yayoi-man’s peopling in Japan.
Sexual behaviour of a gynandromorphic spider of Carrhotus xanthogramma
This gynandromorphic salticid spider took the antagonistic behaviour to a normal male of the same species, and presented the courtship towards a normal female and inserted the only right palpal organ into the female genitalia at the copulation.
A Revisional Study of the Japanese Salticid Spiders of the Genus Neon SIMON (Araneae: Salticidae)
Japanese salticid spiders of the genus Neon SIMON, 1876, are revised and five species are recognized, that is, Neon reticulatus, N. kiyotoi sp.
Spiders of the Genus Laufeia (Araneae: Salticidae) from Japan
(クモ 目:ハ エ トリグモ科) Abstract A new salticid spider species, Laufeia sasakii sp. nov . is described on the basis of the materials obtained from Tokunoshima Island, Kagoshima Pref., Japan. Another species
Two Poorly Known Species of Salticid Spiders from Japan
Two species of salticid spiders, Bristowia heterospinosa REIMOSER, 1934, and Tasa nipponica BOHDANOWICZ et PROSZYNSKI, 1987, from Japan are reported and illustrated. The former species is new to the
New Records of a Korean Species, Evarcha fasciata SEO, 1992 (Araneae: Salticidae) from Japan
The female hitherto unknown is recognized based on the observations on mating behavior, and is described in detail.
Redescriptions of the Japanese Salticid Spiders, Harmochirus kochiensis and Marpissa ibarakiensis (Araneae: Salticidae)
Two salticid spiders of Japan, Harmochirus kochiensis and Marpissa ibarakiensis, described by BOHDANOWICZ and PROSZYNSKI (1987) are revised and redescribed on the basis of many specimens newly