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0.5-/spl mu/m bipolar technology using a new base formation method: SST1C
New super self-aligned process technology has been developed using a new method of shallow base formation and a 0.5-/spl mu/m self-aligned double polysilicon bipolar process. The method of baseExpand
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Loop-parameter optimization of a PLL for a low-jitter 2.5-Gb/s one-chip optical receiver IC with 1: 8 DEMUX
A loop parameter optimization method for a phase-locked loop (PLL) used in wide area networks (WANs) is proposed as a technique for achieving good jitter characteristics. Expand
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A 2.5-Gb/s clock and data recovery IC with tunable jitter characteristics for use in LANs and WANs
A 2.5-Gb/s monolithic clock and data recovery (CDR) IC using the phase-locked loop (PLL) technique is fabricated using Si bipolar technology. Expand
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A design methodology of bipolar standard cell LSIs for Gbit/s signal processing
A bipolar standard cell LSI design methodology for Gbit/s LSIs is described. Expand
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A jitter suppression technique for a 2.48832-Gb/s clock and data recovery circuit
This paper describes a jitter suppression technique for a 2.48832-Gb/s clock and data recovery (CDR) circuit that uses a phase-locked loop (PLL). This technique decreases the jitter generation andExpand
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An ultracompact, 2-cc-size, 0.64-W 2.5-Gbit/s optical receiver module combined with an MU receptacle
Summary form only given. Recently, optical communication systems have been applied to various field such as local area networks (LANs), optical interconnections, SDH/SONET, and wavelength-divisionExpand
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Super self-aligned process technology (SST) and its applications
SST-1B technology, an advanced version of SST-1A, and its applications are described. The main feature is utilization of the selectively ion-implanted collector process to improve shallowExpand
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Application of AlGaAs/GaAs ballistic collection transistors to multiplexer and preamplifier circuits
Ballistic collection transistors with a 'launcher' (L-BCTs) are applied to the fabrication of high-speed/broadband ICs. The L-BCTs, in which base widening is suppressed and the ballistic transport ofExpand
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An ultracompact, 2-cc-size, low-power 2.5-Gb/s optical receiver module incorporating an MU receptacle
This paper describes an ultracompact, -3-V-supply, 2.5-Gb/s optical receiver module. For miniaturization of a gigabit-class receiver module, we used multichip configuration and bump technology, andExpand
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9 GHz bandwidth, 8-20 dB controllable-gain monolithic amplifier using AlGaAs/GaAs HBT technology
A wideband and controllable-gain amplifier utilising a new parallel feedback technique, which can enhance the bandwidth and can control the gain keeping output DC voltages constant, has beenExpand
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