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Enhanced Current Drivability of CVD Graphene Interconnect in Oxygen-Deficient Environment
Graphene has been considered as a candidate for interconnect metal due to its high carrier mobility and current drivability. In this letter, the breakdown mechanism of single-layerExpand
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Laser Dicing and Subsequent Die Strength Enhancement Technologies for Ultra-thin Wafer
Current mechanical wafer dicing process adopting diamond grit shows advantages of low cost and high productivity. However, mechanical process for ultra-thin wafers would induce residual stress orExpand
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Quantized conductive filament formed by limited Cu source in sub-5nm era
  • J. Park, W. Lee, +12 authors H. Hwang
  • Materials Science
  • International Electron Devices Meeting
  • 1 December 2011
For the first time, we have investigated the resistive switching characteristics in extreme size (sub-5nm) device. Less than 5nm effective electrode radius is confirmed by conductive-AFM and FIB-TEMExpand
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Characteristics of CVD graphene nanoribbon formed by a ZnO nanowire hardmask.
A graphene nanoribbon (GNR) is an important basic structure to open a bandgap in graphene. The GNR processes reported in the literature are complex, time-consuming, and expensive; moreover, theExpand
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Influence of extrinsic factors on accuracy of mobility extraction in graphene metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors
Graphene has attracted attention because of its extraordinarily high mobility. However, procedures to extract mobility from graphene metal-oxide semiconductor transistors have not been systematicallyExpand
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Novel multi-bit memory device using metal/PVDF-TrFE/graphene stack
Novel multi-bit memory using a graphene/PVDF-TrFE stack has been demonstrated.Two polarization generate four states of junction combinations in the graphene.The four states are maintained up to 1000Expand
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Correlation between the hysteresis and the initial defect density of graphene
The role of the initial defects of graphene characterized by Raman spectroscopy is correlated with the physical mechanisms causing the hysteretic device characteristics of graphene field effectExpand
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Prediction and validation of high frequency vibration repsonses of NASA Mars Pathfinder spacecraft due to acoustic launch load using statistical energy analysis
Mid and high frequency structural responses of a spacecraft during the launch condition are mainly dominated by the intense acoustic pressure field over the exterior of the launch vehicle. TheExpand
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Characteristics of Metal/Ferroelectric (PVDF-TrFE)/Graphene (MFG) device
Characteristics of new reconfigurable graphene device with Metal/ Ferroelectric (PVDF-TrFE)/Graphene (MFG) stack is presented. Key features include programming speed <; 100nsec, retention up toExpand