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Phenolic glycosides from Symplocos racemosa: natural inhibitors of phosphodiesterase I.
One new phenolic glycoside named benzoylsalireposide (1) along with one known phenolic glycoside named salireposide (2) have been isolated from Symplocos racemosa. Four other known compounds i.e.Expand
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Chemical constituents of Klainedoxa gabonenses and Paullinia pinnata.
From the whole plant of Klainedoxa gabonenses betulinic acid ( 1), lupeol ( 2), s-sitosterol ( 3), �- amyran-3-one ( 4) and 3,3',4'-tri-O-methylellagic acid ( 5) were isolated. Similarly paullinomideExpand
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Antimicrobial natural products: an update on future antibiotic drug candidates.
Over the last decade, it has become clear that antimicrobial drugs are losing their effectiveness due to the evolution of pathogen resistance. There is therefore a continuing need to search for newExpand
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Structural and stereochemical studies of hydroxyanthraquinone derivatives from the endophytic fungus Coniothyrium sp.
Four known hydroxyanthraquinones (1-4) together with four new derivatives having a tetralone moiety, namely coniothyrinones A-D (5-8), were isolated from the culture of Coniothyrium sp., anExpand
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Three New Antimicrobial Metabolites from the Endophytic Fungus Phomopsis sp.
Two new chromones, phomochromone A and B (1 and 2), and one new natural cyclopentenone derivative, phomotenone (3), together with six known compounds, phomosines A-D (4-7),Expand
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Two new diterpene polyesters from Euphorbia decipiens
Two new myrsinol-type diterpene polyesters 3,5,13,17-tetra-O-acetyl-7-O-benzoyl-15-hydroxymyrsinol (1) and 3,5,13,17-tetra-O-acetyl-7-O-butanoyl-13-hydroxymyrsinol (2), with a tricyclic carbonExpand
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Xanthones and oxepino[2, 3-b]chromones from three endophytic fungi.
Three new metabolites, microsphaeropsones A-C (1-3) with a unique oxepino[2,3-b]chromen-6-one (ring-enlarged xanthone) skeleton, were isolated from the endophytic fungus Microsphaeropsis species,Expand
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A new class of phenazines with activity against a chloroquine resistant Plasmodium falciparum strain and antimicrobial activity.
New phenazines were synthesized by oxygenation of 1- and 2-naphthol with transition metal peroxo complexes and in situ reaction with 1,2-diamines. The title compounds were evaluated for in vitroExpand
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