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The first settlement of Remote Oceania: the Philippines to the Marianas
The authors compare pottery assemblages in the Marianas and the Philippines to claim endorsement for a first human expansion into the open Pacific around 1500 BC. The Marianas are separated from the
The prehistoric peopling of Southeast Asia
Neither interpretation fits the complexity of Southeast Asian history: Both Hòabìnhian hunter-gatherers and East Asian farmers contributed to current Southeast Asian diversity, with further migrations affecting island SEA and Vietnam.
Ancient jades map 3,000 years of prehistoric exchange in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asian nephrite (jade) artifacts, many archeologically excavated, dating from 3000 B.C. through the first millennium A.D. have revealed the existence of one of the most extensive sea-based trade networks of a single geological material in the prehistoric world.
The emergence of agriculture in southern China
The authors give us a newly documented account of the dissemination of agriculture, and rice cultivation in particular, into southern China and beyond. From the central and eastern Yangtze it spread
Coastal Connectivity: Long-Term Trading Networks Across the South China Sea
ABSTRACT Long-distance coastal interactions have shaped much of world history, most evident in social and economic ties through sea-lanes and trade-routes that connect to other regions and
The Pottery Trail From Southeast Asia to Remote Oceania
ABSTRACT A set of unique circumstances created a durable archaeological record of ancient human migration from Southeast Asia to Remote Oceania, useful as a global model of population dispersals.
First Islanders: Prehistory and Human Migration in Island Southeast Asia
Peter Bellwood is an Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University, which he joined in 1973, retiring in 2013. He has undertaken archaeological research in Polynesia and Island Southeast
A 4000 year-old introduction of domestic pigs into the Philippine Archipelago: implications for understanding routes of human migration through Island Southeast Asia and Wallacea
New research into the Neolithic of Island Southeast Asia is broadening the old models and making them more diverse, more human – more like history: people and animals can move through the islands in
Are 'Cultures' Inherited? Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Origins and Migrations of Austronesian-Speaking Peoples Prior to 1000 BC
This chapter examines the evidence for the movement of Austronesian-speaking peoples from Taiwan into the Philippines and beyond, drawing upon data from comparative linguistics, archaeology and