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Chrysin: a histone deacetylase 8 inhibitor with anticancer activity and a suitable candidate for the standardization of Chinese propolis.
Overall, in vitro and in vivo data indicated that chrysin is an HDAC8 inhibitor, which can significantly inhibit tumor growth, and suggested thatchrysin might represent a suitable candidate for standardization of CP. Expand
Effects of the dietary phytoestrogen biochanin A on cell growth in the mammary carcinoma cell line MCF-7.
Possible molecular and cellular mechanisms of the action of dietary phytoestrogens on estrogen target cells are suggested, including the reversibility of these inhibitory effects by biochanin A appears also to be concentration dependent. Expand
Growth and cell cycle regulation by isoflavones in human breast carcinoma cells.
The results suggest that daidzein and biochanin A influence T-47D cell proliferation and cell cycle progression, and that the underlying mechanisms might be associated with the P53 protein levels. Expand
Stimulation of osteogenic activity in human osteoblast cells by edible Uraria crinita.
Results show that U. crinita and its active compounds may have the potential to stimulate bone formation and regeneration. Expand