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Bistability of alpha‐motoneurones in the decerebrate cat and in the acute spinal cat after intravenous 5‐hydroxytryptophan.
1. In the preceding paper (Crone, Hultborn, Kiehn, Mazieres & Wigström, 1988) it was shown that a short‐lasting synaptic excitation (‘on’ stimulus) of extensor motoneurones (primarily triceps surae)Expand
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Sensitivity of monosynaptic test reflexes to facilitation and inhibition as a function of the test reflex size: a study in man and the cat
SummaryIn parallel experiments on humans and in the cat it was investigated how the sensitivity of monosynaptic test reflexes to facilitation and inhibition varies as a function of the size of theExpand
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Assessing changes in presynaptic inhibition of I a fibres: a study in man and the cat.
1. A method to assess changes in presynaptic inhibition of I a afferent terminals in man is proposed. The soleus H reflex was facilitated by a heteronymous I a volley from quadriceps and the amountExpand
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Changes in presynaptic inhibition of Ia fibres at the onset of voluntary contraction in man.
1. Two independent methods were used, in man, to assess changes in presynaptic inhibition of I a terminals at the onset of selective voluntary contractions: (1) measurement of the amount ofExpand
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On the mechanism of the post-activation depression of the H-reflex in human subjects
It was demonstrated that the soleus H-reflex was depressed for more than 10 s following a preceding passive dorsiflexion of the ankle joint. This depression was caused by activation of large-diameterExpand
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The spinal pathophysiology of spasticity – from a basic science point of view
Spasticity is a term, which was introduced to describe the velocity‐sensitive increased resistance of a limb to manipulation in subjects with lesions of descending motor pathways. This distinguishesExpand
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Reciprocal Ia inhibition between ankle flexors and extensors in man.
1. Reciprocal inhibition between antagonist muscle groups at the ankle has been investigated in sixty healthy subjects. Hoffmann reflexes (H reflexes) in the soleus and tibialis anterior muscles wereExpand
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Synaptic activation of plateaus in hindlimb motoneurons of decerebrate cats.
Intracellular recordings were made from hindlimb motoneurons in decerebrate cats to study how synaptic inputs could affect the threshold at which plateau potentials are activated with currentExpand
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Proprioceptive input resets central locomotor rhythm in the spinal cat
SummaryThe reflex regulation of stepping is an important factor in adapting the step cycle to changes in the environment. The present experiments have examined the influence of muscle proprioceptorsExpand
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Transmission in a locomotor-related group Ib pathway from hindlimb extensor muscles in the cat
It has been previously shown that phasic stimulation of group I afferents from ankle and knee extensor muscles may entrain and/or reset the intrinsic locomotor rhythm; these afferents are thus actingExpand
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