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Identifying true cortical interactions in MEG using the nulling beamformer
Modeling functional brain interaction networks using non-invasive EEG and MEG data is more challenging than using intracranial recording data. This is because most interaction measures are not robustExpand
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Linearly constrained MEG beamformers for MVAR modeling of cortical interactions
  • H. Hui, R. Leahy
  • Computer Science
  • 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical…
  • 6 April 2006
Among the many methods for modeling cortical interactions using EEG and MEG data, multivariate autoregressive (MVAR) functional connectivity measures have the advantage of providing parametricExpand
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The Research of Commodity E-commerce and Logistics Collaborative System Based on the Electronic Warehouse Receipts
At present, there is a phenomenon of “emphasize trading but ignore logistics” in the development process of the commodity e-commerce, which results in the online transactions out of touch withExpand
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Superconducting cable and superconducting fault current limiter at Puji Substation
  • Y. Xin, H. Hui, +5 authors M. Zi
  • Engineering
  • International Conference on Applied…
  • 30 October 2009
We have undertaken research and development of superconducting cables and superconducting fault current limiters and have made significant progress in the last six years. At Puji Substation ofExpand
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Generalized sidelobe canceller for magnetoencephalography arrays
In the last decade, large arrays of sensors for magnetoencephalography (MEG) (and electroencephalography (EEG)) have become more commonplace, allowing new opportunities for the application ofExpand
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Posterior C1-C2 screw-rod fixation and autograft fusion for the treatment of os odontoideum with C1-C2 instability
OBJECTIVE To report our experience treating os odontoideum with C1-C2 instability via C1-C2 screw-rod fixation and autograft fusion and to explore the clinical efficacy of such a treatment strategy.Expand
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Statistically optimal graph partition method based on modularity
Graph theory provides a formal framework to investigate the functional and structural connectome of the brain. We extend previous work on modularity-based graph partitioning methods that are able toExpand
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On exploration for bidding procedure
The paper sums up the main procedure for the construction engineering bidding currently,introduces the main contents for the bidding procedure,illustrates the time arrangement in all steps of theExpand