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Effects of Selected Parameters on Decolorization and Decomposition of Acid Orange 6
This study investigated the effects of controlling parameters, temperature, pH, ozone dose, and initial Acid Orange 6 (AO6) concentration on the degradation of target compounds. Decolorization and
Removal of model organic precursors by coagulation
Low-molecular-weight organics, i.e., phloroglucinol (P), resorcinol (R), and p-hydroxybenzoic acid (PHBA), were selected as the target compounds to evaluate their removal and precursor reduction
Decolorization, mineralization, and toxicity reduction of acid orange 6 by iron-sacrificed plates in the electrocoagulation process
In this study, electrocoagulation (EC) was used to investigate the decolorization and mineralization of an azo dye solution, as well as biodegradation enhancement and toxicity reduction. Initial pH,
Evaluation of Decolorization, Mineralization, and Toxicity Reduction of Tropaeolin O in Water by Ozonation with UV Irradiation
The combination of ozonation with UV irradiation can remove Tropaeolin O (AO6) and its by-products effectively and completely. The ozone dose affects the rate of decolorization, AO6 species removal,