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Gounod’s Faust: Opera of Redemption
Because Charles Gounod's reputation waned drastically in the second half of the nineteenth century, he has been thought by some—if he was thought of at all—to be a composer of mediocrity andExpand
Who’s Cecilia? What is She?
Repeatedly critical voices within the arts declare that the legend of St. Cecilia is one of the most famous of all the accounts of the Roman martyrs. In truth, the story of her life is far less knownExpand
Chippewa and Catholic Beliefs in the Work of Louise Erdrich
In Louise Erdrich 's novel 77ie Bingo Palace, the fourth book in the tetralogy whose other books are Love Medicine, The Beet Queen, and Tracks, Lyman Lamartine, a dark-minded schemer, a bitter yetExpand
Browning, Blougram, and Belief
GERARD MANLEy HOPKINS (1844-89), Victorian poet and contemporary of Robert Browning (1812-89), wrote "Seven Epigrams," the sixth of which reads: By one of the old school who was bid to follow Mr.Expand
Silence, Solitariness, and Gregorian Chant
The cold brilliance of a waxing moon was all that illuminated the night's various hues of black, smudged at points with hints of blue and green. Under that canopy 1,200 acres of fields and hillsExpand
The World of Brother Cadfael
FOR READERS OUTSIDE the realm of mystery fiction the name Ellis Peters is generally unknown. For mystery-genre aficionados, though, this author of the Brother Cadfael Chronicles is reputed to be theExpand
Francis Poulenc, Profane and Sacred
In the Parisian world of musical composition between World War I and World War II, Francis Poulenc was not deemed a first-tier composer. Foremost at that level were Igor Stravinsky and DariusExpand
J. F. Powers’s Morte D’Urban
KATHERINE ANNE PORTER is rightly acclaimed as a pure literary stylist capable of presenting complex subjects artfully and economically while still penetrating with an admirable subtlety theExpand
The Consolation of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis
The events of September ,  were more of the outrages that countless human beings have committed upon their own kind over the last two thousand years. They were evidence of the unimaginableExpand