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The molecular signature of breast cancer metastasis to bone
Distant metastasis during the advanced stage of malignant tumor progression can cause considerable morbidity in cancer patients. Bone is known to be one of the most common sites of distant metastasisExpand
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Distribution of Moons in the Solar System
This study explains the most important moons in solar system and their distribution in the planets. The research will also show the relationship between the mass of the planets, number of naturalExpand
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle & Kant Philosophy: Why Hawking Thinks Philosophy Is Dead
In this study, we explain why Hawking thinks in his book (The Grand Design) that philosophy is dead. For this purpose, in the second and third sections we first introduce in brief quantum mechanics,Expand
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Spooky Birds and Origin of Life: A Quantum Mechanics Description of Bird Migration
In this work we explain a strange quantum phenomenon in biology that the European Robin uses to navigate. The bird’s brain contains a chemical called cryptochromes which has two of its electronsExpand
On God’s Supernatural Role in Hawking’s Literature
In this essay, I will discuss the roles which the belief in the supernatural and the theories about it have had in physics throughout history. I will begin with Aristotle’s theories about the originExpand
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In this article, I will try to explain the Great Flood myths that exist in almost all religions and cultures of the world. These stories exhibit a common theme that the great floods are based on theExpand
From Magic Matter to Quantum Superposition; A Guide Line to Study on The Origin of Life from Modern Scientific Viewpoint
The finalization of historical and present disciplines regarding the origin of life will be proposed. This study has started from 19th century primary opinions on instantaneous creation of livingExpand
Comparing the Atmospheric Compositions of All Planets and Giant Moons in Solar System
In this research we have studied the atmosphere in both giant gaseous and soil planets in solar system. The ratio of gases in atmosphere of the planets are compared and determined which of theExpand
Thermodynamics Reason for Dying of Urmia Lake, This is not Just an Aral Syndrome!
This research demonstrates some physical factors that have been responsible for the drying up and shrinking of the Urmia Lake. The goal of this paper is to revive the Urmia Lake. The shrinking of theExpand