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Electrical and structural properties of BaCe0.90Y0.10O3−δ thin film on MgO (100) substrate
Y-doped BaCeO3 (BaCe0.90Y0.10O3−δ) thin films have been deposited on (100) MgO substrates by pulsed laser deposition. The BaCe0.90Y0.10O3−δ thin film prepared at substrate temperature of 600 °C and
Electrical Properties and Structure of p‐Type Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor xZnO·Rh2O3
p‐Type conduction in amorphous oxide was firstly found in zinc rhodium oxide (ZnO·Rh2O3) (Adv. Mater. 2003, 15, 1409), and it is still the only p‐type amorphous oxide to date. It was reported that an
Single‐Crystalline Films of the Homologous Series InGaO3(ZnO)m Grown by Reactive Solid‐Phase Epitaxy
Single‐crystalline thin films of the homologous series InGaO3(ZnO)m (where m is an integer) are fabricated by the reactive solid‐phase epitaxy (R‐SPE) method. Specifically, the role of ZnO as
Anomalous diamagnetism of electride electrons in transition metal silicides
M. Hiraishi,1 K. M. Kojima,1, 2 H. Okabe,1 A. Koda,1, 2 R. Kadono,1, 2 J. Wu,3 Y. Lu,3 and H. Hosono3 1Muon Science Laboratory and Condensed Matter Research Center, Institute of Materials Structure
Ambipolar Property of Isolated Hydrogen in Oxide Materials Revealed by Muon
The study on the electronic state of muon as pseudo-hydrogen (represented by the elemental symbol Mu) by muon spin rotation has long been appreciated as one of the few methods to experimentally
Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Lead Indium Niobate-Lead Titanate Single Crystal with High Curie Temperature Near Morphotropic Phase Boundary
For lead indium niobate lead titanate(PIN-PT) binary system near the morphotropic phase boundary(MPB) composition with a high Curie Temperature Tc>250 °C, the temperature (30-380 °C), compositions