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[Asymptomatic excretors of rotavirus].
Compared to the typical winter peak of diseased patients, the virus carriership was evenly distributed throughout the year in healthy persons and was discussed especially with regard to epidemiological points of view. Expand
Case Report- Surgical Correction of Ileus in a Blue-and-Gold Macaw (Ara araralina)
The ileus proved to be the result of an adhesion of an intestinal loop to the abdominal wall and was successfully corrected by surgical intervention. Expand
[Tolerance and contrast density in intravenous cholangiography and cholecystography using a new contrast medium (author's transl)].
The tolerance and diagnostic usefulness of the new intravenous bile contrast medium Endomirabil were subjected to clinical radiological testing and it is impression that it has a lower side effect quota than the other contrast media used so far. Expand