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Calcium oxalate crystals in plants
Calcium (Ca) oxalate crystals occur in many plant species and in most organs and tissues. They generally form within cells although extracellular crystals have been reported. The crystal cells orExpand
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Mitochondrial Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Activity Is Required for Male Fertility in Maize
Some plant cytoplasms express novel mitochondrial genes that cause male sterility. Nuclear genes that disrupt the accumulation of the corresponding mitochondrial gene products can restore fertilityExpand
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Overexpression of a Knotted-Like Homeobox Gene of Potato Alters Vegetative Development by Decreasing Gibberellin Accumulation1
Potato (Solanum tuberosum) homeobox 1 (POTH1) is a class I homeobox gene isolated from an early-stage tuber cDNA library. The RNA expression pattern ofPOTH1, unlike that of most other classExpand
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Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) in sunflower anthers is compared with its normal (N) line by using light and electron microscopy. Degeneration and disintegration of CMS tapetum and microsporeExpand
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Transient starch metabolism in ornamental tobacco floral nectaries regulates nectar composition and release
Enlargement of the floral nectary gland of ornamental tobacco during its development is accompanied by a major accumulation of starch granules in nectary amyloplasts. Quantification of starch in theExpand
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Expression of starch metabolic genes in the developing nectaries of ornamental tobacco plants
To understand the mechanisms that control starch metabolism in the nectary, this study combined TEM analysis of floral nectaries in ornamental tobacco with gene expression analysis of a number ofExpand
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Tobacco Nectaries Express a Novel NADPH Oxidase Implicated in the Defense of Floral Reproductive Tissues against Microorganisms1[OA]
Hydrogen peroxide produced from the nectar redox cycle was shown to be a major factor contributing to inhibition of most microbial growth in floral nectar; however, this obstacle can be overcome byExpand
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Oxalate content of soybean seeds (Glycine max: Leguminosae), soyfoods, and other edible legumes.
Consumption of soybeans and food products made from them is increasing because of their desirable nutritional value. However, the oxalate content of seeds from 11 cultivars of soybean showedExpand
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Calcium Oxalate Crystals in Developing Seeds of Soybean
Abstract Young developing soybean seeds contain relatively large amounts of calcium oxalate (CaOx) monohydrate crystals. A test for Ca and CaOx indicated that Ca deposits and crystals initiallyExpand
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