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Self rated health as a predictor of coronary heart disease in Copenhagen, Denmark.
STUDY OBJECTIVE: To analyse the association between self rated health and the incidence of fatal and non-fatal coronary heart disease (CHD) in a Danish cohort followed up over 16 years. DESIGN: ThisExpand
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The Danish National Health Service Register. A tool for primary health care research.
The purpose of the article is to describe the Danish National Health Service Register and its value in primary health care research, using mainly general practice as an example. The Danish NationalExpand
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Social and biological predictors of early menopause: a model for premature aging
Nilsson P, Möller L, Köster A, Hollnagel H (University of Lund, Lund, Sweden; Glostrup University Hospital, Glostrup, and University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen; Denmark). Social and biologicalExpand
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From risk factors to health resources in medical practice
The healing and preventive powers of people's health resources and self-assessed knowledge have so far been grossly underestimated in medicine. In this article, we call attention to ethical andExpand
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The impact of changes in self-rated general health on 28-year mortality among middle-aged Danes
Objective. Self-rated general health (SRH) predicts future mortality. SRH may change, and these changes may alter the mortality risk. All-cause mortality until the age of 68 and its association withExpand
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Explaining risk factors to patients during a general practice consultation. Conveying group-based epidemiological knowledge to individual patients.
  • H. Hollnagel
  • Medicine
  • Scandinavian journal of primary health care
  • 1999
For the last 20 years I have been conducting an epidemiological study into the health status of a cohort of just over 1000 men and women. The cohort consisted of all individuals from four municipalExpand
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Renin-angiotensin system in mild essential hypertension. The functional significance of angiotensin II in untreated and thiazide-treated hypertensive patients.
. Twenty-five 40-year-old patients with mild essential hypertension, identified during a survey of a population born in 1936, were investigated. Basal and postfurosemide values for plasma reninExpand
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Social Class and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Danish Men
During the last 25 years, a series of epidemiological studies in North-Western Europe and U.S.A. have demonstrated a negative association between social class and the incidence of cardiovascularExpand
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Blood lead-blood pressure relations: alcohol intake and hemoglobin as confounders.
A cohort of 1,052 persons (504 men and 548 women) born in 1936 and residing in the Glostrup area, Denmark, underwent a comprehensive physical examination in 1976 at age 40 years, and 966 underwent aExpand
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Shifting attention from objective risk factors to patients' self-assessed health resources: a clinical model for general practice.
The study was designed to present and apply theoretical and empirical knowledge for the construction of a clinical model intended to shift the attention of the general practitioner from objectiveExpand
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