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Dioxin- and POP-contaminated sites—contemporary and future relevance and challenges
This article provides a comprehensive overview of the types of PCDD/F contaminated sites that exist as a result of historical activities and details the various processes whereby these sites became contaminated and attempts to evaluate their contemporary relevance as sources of PC DD/Fs and other POPs.
Effect-directed analysis supporting monitoring of aquatic environments--An in-depth overview.
Towards an alternative for the acute fish LC(50) test in chemical assessment: the fish embryo toxicity test goes multi-species -- an update.
Results document that the transfer of the protocol is possible with only minor modifications and examples are given as to how additional endpoints can be incorporated into the fish embryo test protocol to extend its scope, e.g. to sediment toxicity assessment or genotoxicity and mutagenicity testing.
A new sediment contact assay to assess particle-bound pollutants using zebrafish (danio rerio) embryos
Goal, Scope and Background. Based on a bioassay battery covering only primary producers and consumers as well as degraders, the potential ecological hazard of sediments to vertebrates cannot be
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