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Human Eosinophils Express the High Affinity IgE Receptor, FcεRI, in Bullous Pemphigoid
Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is an autoimmune blistering disease mediated by autoantibodies targeting BP180 (type XVII collagen). Patient sera and tissues typically have IgG and IgE autoantibodies andExpand
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Unraveling the significance of IgE autoantibodies in organ-specific autoimmunity: lessons learned from bullous pemphigoid
Bullous pemphigoid (BP), a cutaneous autoimmune blistering disease, has provided a useful model to elucidate a role for IgE in autoimmunity. IgE antibodies specific for the BP180 autoantigen areExpand
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Eosinophil localization to the basement membrane zone is autoantibody‐ and complement‐dependent in a human cryosection model of bullous pemphigoid
Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is an autoimmune blistering disease characterized by antibodies (IgG and IgE) targeting cell‐substrate adhesion proteins. A variety of BP models suggest thatExpand
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Health‐related quality of life in patients with cutaneous T‐cell lymphoma?
Little is currently known about health‐related quality of life (HRQoL) of patients with cutaneous T‐cell lymphoma (CTCL), a condition characterized by chronic, pruritic, visible lesions, featuresExpand
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Skin Diseases Caused by Factors from the Environment
Mosquito Bite Allergy Members of the order Diptera, the family Culicidae, mosquitoes are vectors for the transmission of many diseases worldwide. There are over 3000 different species of mosquitoes,Expand
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Treatment of symptomatic epidermolysis bullosa simplex with botulinum toxin in a pediatric patient
Botulinum toxin has been used to treat plantar blistering and pain in 7 epidermolysis bullosa simplex patients, including one child, with excellent but transient success (Table I). Most of theseExpand
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Methotrexate ultraviolet reactivation reaction in the setting of voriconazole‐induced phototoxicity
setting of voriconazole-induced phototoxicity An 18-year-old man with acute myeloid leukemia was admitted for a hematopoietic progenitor cell transplant. He was receiving antifungal prophylaxis withExpand
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Pretibial myxedema.
Bullous lesions on the extremities of an incarcerated man
A 42-year-old Hispanic man presented with a pruritic and painful, erythematous bullous eruption on his right forearm, which had developed over a 24 h period (Fig. 1). The patient was currently inExpand