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The Phonology and Morphology of the Navajo Language
The flasher circuit is a two-terminal device and may be substituted for the well known hot-wire flasher without the circuit changes in the turn signal system. Expand
The Apachean Verb, Part I: Verb Structure and Pronominal Prefixes
  • H. Hoijer
  • History
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1 October 1945
In this paper, the first of a series on the Apachean verb, my purpose is twofold: to describe the essential structure of the verb in the Apachean languages, and to list comparatively the pronominalExpand
Chiricahua Loan-Words from Spanish
The Chiricahua Apache,' in aboriginal times, occupied the territory centering about the junction of the Arizona-New Mexico state line with the international boundary. Since this region was exploredExpand
The Chronology of the Athapaskan Languages
  • H. Hoijer
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1 October 1956
2. The method is based upon the discovery that languages apparently change at a uniform rate, and that this rate can be quantified by an examination of that portion of the vocabulary (or lexicon) ofExpand