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As a result of further developments of the New Austrian Tunnelling Method in the control of deformation it has been possible since 1970 to plan and execute simple and interesting designs forExpand
A method for composting waste.
Method and device for separating a mixture of residual wastes
The invention relates to a method for separating a mixture of residual wastes. In order to improve such a method, the mixture is biologically treated, i.e. by forced ventilation composting and/orExpand
The Role of Shell Material in the Natural Sand Replenishment Cycle of the Beach and Nearshore Area between Lake Worth Inlet and the Miami Ship Channel
Abstract : The primary objective of the present study was to investigate the role of natural shell replenishment as a contributing element in the nourishment of beach material along the beach andExpand
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Procedure for composting waste.
The invention relates to a process used to waste composting. THE WASTE ARE INTRODUCED IN A CONTAINER AND SHAPE MICROBIAL DECOMPOSED UNDER THE INFLUX OF AIR. This results in a process of this kind canExpand
A process for composting waste