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The influence of freshwater discharge on the distribution of zooplankton in the southern Kara Sea
Abstract. Zooplankton was collected on two cruises to the southern Kara Sea to study the effect of the freshwater outflow of the rivers Ob and Yenisej on plankton distribution. Calanoid copepodsExpand
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Density-dependent mortality in an oceanic copepod population
Planktonic copepods are primary consumers in the ocean and are perhaps the most numerous metazoans on earth. Secondary production by these zooplankton supports most food webs of the open sea,Expand
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Egg production and lipid content of Calanus glacialis in spring: indication of a food-dependent and food-independent reproductive mode
Female Calanus glacialis were collected in early May 1989 in the pack ice region of the western Barents Sea and were fed or starved over 11 wk. Both groups laid eggs continuously during this period,Expand
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Breaking the ice: large-scale distribution of mesozooplankton after a decade of Arctic and transpolar cruises
Abstract Mesozooplankton collected during five summer expeditions to the Arctic Ocean between 1987 and 1991 was analysed for regional patterns in biomass and species distribution, distinguishingExpand
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Temperature and plankton
The relationship between temperature and metabolism was studied in Artic copepods with regard to the concept of metabolic cold adaptation of polar poikilotherms. Temperature tolerance and respirationExpand
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Composition and distribution of zooplankton in the Laptev Sea and adjacent Nansen Basin during summer, 1993
Abstract Zooplankton composition and distribution were investigated on the Laptev Sea shelf, over the continental slope and in the adjacent deep Nansen Basin during the joint German-RussianExpand
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Excretion and respiration of the Antarctic krill Euphausia superba
SummaryExcretion of ammonia and inorganic phosphate and respiration of various size classes of Euphausia superba were studied in the Scotia Sea and in the north of the Weddell Sea. Freshly caughtExpand
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Acromegaly and hypertension: Prevalence and relationship to the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system
SummaryThe prevalence of arterial hypertension was evaluated in a retrospective study of 158 patients with acromegaly, and results were compared to control populations, namely, the Munich BloodExpand
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Near-bottom zooplankton aggregations in Kongsfjorden: implications for pelago–benthic coupling
Near-bottom zooplankton communities have rarely been studied despite numerous reports of high zooplankton concentrations, probably due to methodological constraints. In Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, theExpand
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Reproduction of Calanus glacialis in the Laptev Sea, Arctic Ocean
Abstract Abundance and reproductive biology (gonad maturation and egg production) of the Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis were studied in the Laptev Sea and adjacent Arctic Ocean in September 1993Expand
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