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Non-equilibrium critical phenomena and phase transitions into absorbing states
This review addresses recent developments in non-equilibrium statistical physics. Focusing on phase transitions from fluctuating phases into absorbing states, the universality class of directedExpand
Non-equilibrium phase transitions
These lecture notes give a basic introduction to the physics of phase transitions under non-equilibrium conditions. The notes start with a general introduction to non-equilibrium statisticalExpand
Critical coarsening without surface tension: the universality class of the voter model.
We show that the two-dimensional voter model, usually considered to be only a marginal coarsening system, represents a broad class of models for which phase ordering takes place without surfaceExpand
On possible experimental realizations of directed percolation
Directed percolation is one of the most prominent universality classes of nonequilibrium phase transitions and can be found in a large variety of models. Despite its theoretical success, noExpand
A model for anomalous directed percolation
Abstract:We introduce a model for the spreading of epidemics by long-range infections and investigate the critical behaviour at the spreading transition. The model generalizes directed bondExpand
Generalized probability theories: what determines the structure of quantum theory?
The framework of generalized probabilistic theories is a powerful tool for studying the foundations of quantum physics. Expand
Topological Complexity in AdS3/CFT2
We consider subregion complexity within the AdS3/CFT2 correspondence. We rewrite the volume proposal, according to which the complexity of a reduced density matrix is given by the spacetime volumeExpand
Entropy estimates of small data sets
Estimating entropies from limited data series is known to be a non-trivial task. Naive estimations are plagued with both systematic (bias) and statistical errors. Here, we present a new 'balancedExpand
Absorbing phase transitions
1 Introduction. Problems. 2 Survey of Equilibrium Critical Phenomena 2.1 Phase Transitions in Equilibrium Systems 2.2 Scale Invariance and Universality 2.3 Mean-field and Renormalisation GroupExpand