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Structural features of the binding site of cholera toxin inferred from fluorescence measurements.
The dependence on pH of the fluorescence of cholera toxin and its A and B subunits has been studied at 25 degrees C. The fluorescence intensity of cholera toxin is highly pH-dependent. In the pHExpand
Subcellular structure of bovine thyroid gland. A study on bovine thyroid membranes by buoyant-density-gradient centrifugation in a B-XIV zonal rotor.
A combined mitochondrial and light mitochondrial fraction and a microsomal fraction were isolated from bovine thyroid gland and fractionated further in a B-XIV zonal rotor. A density gradient rangingExpand
Phospholipases A1 and A2 in bovine thyroid.
In both supernatant and sediment of thyroid tissue homogenate phospholipase and lysophospholipase activities were demonstrated. In the supernatant, usingExpand
The nuclear lipids of bovine hypertrophic thyroid.
Abstract A highly purified preparation of bovine hypertrophie thyroid nuclei was isolated by means of an adapted method of Widnell, C. C. and Tata, J. R. (1964) Biochem. J. 92, 313–317, followed by aExpand
Subcellular structure of bovine thyroid gland. The localization of the peroxidase activity in bovine thyroid.
1. After differential pelleting of bovine thyroid tissue the highest relative specific activities for plasma membrane markers are found in the L fraction whereas those for peroxidase activitiesExpand
RNA synthesis in isolated bovine thyroid nuclei and nucleoli. alpha-Amanitin effect, a hint to the existence of a specific regulatory system.
DNA dependent RNA polymerase activities in isolated bovine thyroid nuclei and nucleoli have been studied. They retain their RNA synthetic activity for an extended period of time. This RNA syntheticExpand
Subcellular structure of bovine thyroid gland. VII. A study on the distribution of bovine thyroid plasma membranes by density gradient centrifugation in zonal rotors.
In order to obtain plasma membrane-rich fractions two methods were tried. Approach A was based on differential pelleting followed by discontinous gradient centrifugation in a B-XIV zonal rotor. InExpand
Alkaline phospholipase activity in a M + L fraction of bovine thyroid tissue.
DNA-dependent RNA polymerases from bovine thyroid: catalytic properties and template specificities.
1. DNA-dependent RNA polymerases I and II have been purified starting from bovine thyroid nuclei yielding a purification factor of 230 for the RNA polymerase I and a purification factor 3212 for RNAExpand
Identification and characterization of dolichyl dolichoate, a novel isoprenoic derivative in bovine thyroid.
Inspection of the TLC pattern of the neutral lipid fraction of bovine thyroid reveals, in addition to cholesteryl esters and dolichyl fatty acid esters, the presence of a not yet identified compoundExpand