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Coumestans as the main active principles of the liver drugs Eclipta alba and Wedelia calendulacea.
From the ethyl acetate-soluble fraction of the drug ECLIPTA ALBA (L.) Hassk. Asteraceae, besides a flavonoid and simple phenolcarboxylic acids, the coumestans wedelolactone and demethyl-wedelolactoneExpand
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Antihepatotoxic principles of Phyllanthus niruri herbs.
Among phyllanthin, hypophyllanthin, triacontanal and tricontanol isolated from a hexane extract of Phyllanthus niruri, phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin protected against carbon tetrachloride- andExpand
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Isoputrin and Butrin, the Antihepatotoxic Principles of Butea monosperma Flowers1
Since an extract from the flowers of BUTEA MONOSPERMA, a plant drug used in India for the treatment of liver disorders, showed significant activity in different models of liver damage, the extractExpand
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The extract of an Oriental medicine "bushi", Aconitum japonicum roots (raw), was fractionated monitored by the analgesic activity in the tail pressure test, leading to the isolation of a mixture ofExpand
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Structure of kukoamine A, a hypotensive principle of Lycium chinense root barks1☆
From the crude drug “jikoppi”, the root barks of Lycium chinense, a novel spermine alkaloid, kukoamine A, showing hypotensive activity has been isolated and the structure has been determined as thatExpand
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Structure-activity relationship of ericaceous toxins on acute toxicity in mice.
Abstract The acute toxicity of 36 samples of ericaceous toxins and their congeners has been determined using mice. Those whose LD50 values are low (
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Hypotensive principles of Diospyros kaki leaves.
The extract of a traditional Oriental medicine"kaki-yo, "Diospyros kaki leaves, was fractionated, monitoring for hypotensive activity against urethane-anesthetized rats ; astragalin and isoquercitrinExpand
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Isolation and Hypoglycemic Activity of Arborans A and B, Glycans of Aloe arborescens var. natalensis Leaves
AbstractPolysaccharide fractions of the leaves of a number of Aloe species significantly reduced blood sugar level in mice. Activity-directed fractionation of the polysaccharide fraction from AloeExpand
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Antiinflammatory actions of ephedrines in acute inflammations.
Ephedrine (EP), pseudoephedrine (PEP), ephedroxane (EX) and pseudoephedroxane (PEX) inhibited carrageenin-induced hind-paw edema in sham-operated mice as well as adrenalectomized mice. Hind-paw edemaExpand
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