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A method for the purification of coenzyme A from yeast.
Studies of the function and location of two cysteines in the beta 2 subunit of tryptophan synthase.
The results of partial tryptic digestions of β2 subunit labeled selectively at SH-I or SH-II show that both sulfhydryl residues are located in the F1 fragment which also contains the pyridoxal phosphate binding site.
Concentration of bound pantothenic acid.
In the present study efforts have been made to concentrate bound pantothenic acid, as measured by differential Lact~bacillus arabinosua assay, before and after suitable enzyme treatment.
Preparation and purification of coenzyme A concentrates.
It was considered essential to develop a cheap, practical, large scale procedure for preparation of preliminary concentrates, which would serve both as a source of CoA for biochemical studies and as a starting point for further purification.
Levels and Intracellular Distribution of Coenzyme A and Pantothenic Acid in Rat Liver and Tumors.∗
The finding that these tumors contain low levels of coenzyme A is in harmony with the observation of Potter and his associates that homogenates of such tumor contain low amounts of the enzymes that oxidize oxalacetic acid.
Convenient method for preparation of coenzyme