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Fission yeast Tor2 links nitrogen signals to cell proliferation and acts downstream of the Rheb GTPase
The target of rapamycin (Tor) plays a pivotal role in cell growth and metabolism. Yeast contains two related proteins, Tor1 and Tor2. In fission yeast, Tor1 is dispensable for normal growth but isExpand
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Structure determination and evolution of the chicken cDNA and gene encoding prepropancreatic polypeptide.
We have previously demonstrated that the C-terminal regions of the rat and human pancreatic polypeptide (PPP) precursors exhibit a high degree of divergence, whereas the N-terminal regions are highlyExpand
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A Study of Tryptophan Fluorescence Quenching of Bifunctional Alginate Lyase from a Marine Bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp. Strain No. 272 by Acrylamide
A fluorescence quenching study of a sole tryptophan residue of a bifunctional alginate lyase from Pseudoalteromonas sp. strain No. 272 was done in the presence and absence of substrates, oligomericExpand
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