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Cumulative effect of annually repeated passes of heavy agricultural machinery on soil structural properties and sugar beet yield under two tillage systems
Abstract The aim of this study was to determine potential cumulative effects of repeated passes with current heavy agricultural machinery on topsoil (0–0.3 m) and subsoil (below 0.3 m) physicalExpand
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Review on quality assurance along the CFRP value chain – Non-destructive testing of fabrics, preforms and CFRP by HF radio wave techniques
Abstract Eddy current testing is well established for non-destructive testing of electrical conductive materials [1]. The development of radio frequency (RF) eddy current technology with frequencyExpand
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High Resolution Inspection of Carbon Fiber Materials by Eddy Current Techniques
Carbon fiber materials become more and more important for many applications. Unlike metal the technological parameters and certified quality control mechanisms for Raw Carbon Fiber Materials (RCF)Expand
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High-resolution eddy current sensor system for quality assessment of carbon fiber materials
Carbon fiber materials become more and more important for many applications. Unlike metal the technological parameters and certificated quality control mechanisms for raw carbon fiber materials (RCF)Expand
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Automated detection of yarn orientation in 3D-draped carbon fiber fabrics and preforms from eddy current data
Abstract Ensuring the correct fiber orientation in draped textiles and 3D preforms is one of the current challenges in the production of carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), especially in resinExpand
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NDT for CFRP Aeronautical Components – A Comparative Study
Carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP) have become a material of emerging interest for aeronautical structures. This requires this material to be qualified by means of NDT. However thisExpand
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Measuring and Imaging Permittivity of Insulators Using High-Frequency Eddy-Current Devices
This paper shows that the high-frequency eddy-current (HFEC) measurement devices can be used not only for characterizing conductivity and magnetic permeability related properties of electrically conductive materials, but also for permittivity characterization of insulators. Expand
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The lifetime of aero engine components can be extended by applying an additional strain to the material. Typical aero engine‐alloys like Nickel‐Base superalloys or Titanium alloys can beExpand
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Subsoil properties and cereal growth as affected by a single pass of heavy machinery and two tillage systems on a Luvisol
Compared to moldboard plowing, conservation tillage is frequently discussed to alleviate soil stresses caused by high wheel loads and, thus, decrease the risk of subsoil compaction. On a LuvisolExpand
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Micro-and Nano-NDE for MicroElectronics ( back end )
Advanced techniques for nondestructive evaluation (NDE), having volume resolutions better than 1 micrometer voxel (three dimensional pixel) size, are urgently needed for the safety and reliability ofExpand
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