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Modeling and analysis of a flywheel energy storage system for Voltage sag correction
The U.S. Navy is looking for methods to maximize the survivability of combat ships during battle conditions. A shipboard power distribution system is a stiff isolated power system that is vulnerableExpand
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Operational amplifier design with gain-enhancement differential amplifier
This paper discusses a gain-enhancement differential amplifier circuit with positive feedback with short-channel MOSFETs, low power, and low voltage, resulting in DC gain improvement over a conventional complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor diff-amp. Expand
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The modeling and simulation of a permanent magnet synchronous motor with direct torque control based on Matlab/Simulink
This paper introduces the modeling of the direct torque control (DTC) system of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on Matlab/Simulink. The process of the building simulation system is discussedExpand
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Fuel cell propulsion system for marine applications
A fuel cell propulsion system for a small ship is recommended. The paper reviews the ship's current power system and its limitations. The paper describes why fuel cells are a better option for shipExpand
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Mitigation of Voltage Sags with Phase Jump Using a Dynamic Voltage Restorer
A Dynamic Voltage Restorer is a series-connected device. The main purpose of this device is to protect sensitive loads from sags/swells and interruptions in the supply side. This is accomplished byExpand
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Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) modeling in PSCAD/EMTDC
A hybrid diesel generator/fuel cell power system is proposed for generating power for propulsion and for test equipment on a research vessel. This presents several drawbacks for testing. Since theExpand
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A purely ultracapacitor energy storage system hybrid electric vehicles utilizing a based DC-DC boost converter
The design and testing of a purely ultracapacitor energy storage system for the improvement of hybrid electric vehicles is presented. The system utilizes two large ultracapacitor banks for energyExpand
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Adaptive Control of an Ultracapacitor Energy Storage System for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Yuchen Lu, H. Hess, D. Edwards
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  • 3 May 2007
An Ultracapacitor-based Energy Storage System (UESS) as an alternative to batteries is becoming attractive for Hybrid Electric Vehicles. This energy storage concept requires innovative controlExpand
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Evaluation of grounding and protection methods for a shipboard power system
Unscheduled interruptions on a shipboard power system can have serious consequences. Because a single phase to ground fault in ungrounded or high resistance grounded system does not affect the phaseExpand
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Active damping for electromagnetic transients in superconducting systems
The use of superconductors for power transmission has been studied for decades. The lossless nature of superconducting cables makes the system less stable operationally because damping normallyExpand
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