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Low-loss germanium strip waveguides on silicon for the mid-infrared.
Mid-infrared photonics in silicon needs low-loss integrated waveguides. While monocrystalline germanium waveguides on silicon have been proposed, experimental realization has not been reported. HereExpand
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Micro-Optics : Elements, Systems And Applications
Design of refractive and diffractive micro-optics, H.P. Herzig diffaction theory of microrelief gratings, J. Turunen binary optics fabrication, M.B. Stern direct writing of continuous-reliefExpand
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Engineering photonic nanojets.
Photonic Nanojets are highly localized wave fields emerging directly behind dielectric microspheres; if suitably illuminated. In this contribution we reveal how different illumination conditions canExpand
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Review of iterative Fourier-transform algorithms for beam shaping applications
We present a comparison of some of the most used iterative Fourier transform algorithms (IFTA) for the design of continuous and multilevel diffractive optical elements (DOE). Our aim is to provideExpand
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Application of the boundary-element method to the interaction of light with single and coupled metallic nanoparticles.
The boundary-element method is applied to the interaction of light with resonant metallic nanoparticles. At a certain wavelength, excitation of a surface plasmon takes place, which leads to aExpand
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Optimized kinoform structures for highly efficient fan-out elements.
We discuss the realization of highly efficient fan-out elements. Laser-beam writing lithography is available now for fabricating smooth surface relief microstructures. We develop several methods forExpand
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Surface profiles of reflow microlenses under the influence of surface tension and gravity
We present a finite-element method to calculate 3-D surface profiles of refractive microlenses fabricated by melting-resist technology (reflow technique). The geometry of the microlenses can beExpand
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Encoding of efficient diffractive microlenses.
Different coding schemes for diffractive multilevel microlenses are compared. A simple method to code a lens to get the optimum diffraction efficiency is given. Furthermore, a straightforward way toExpand
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Talbot images of wavelength-scale amplitude gratings.
By means of experiment and simulation, we achieve unprecedented insights into the formation of Talbot images to be observed in transmission for light diffracted at wavelength-scale amplitudeExpand
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Guided Bloch surface waves on ultrathin polymeric ridges.
We present a direct evidence of Bloch surface waves (BSWs) waveguiding on ultrathin polymeric ridges, supported by near-field measurements. It is demonstrated that near-infrared BSWs sustained by aExpand
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