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Visualization of research and development process state for research and development management: Empirical study of high-purity NH3 gas business case
A six-dimensional quantitative analytical model (based on the Ising model, a physical phase transition model) that can be applied to the state of technology management activities with respect to the wider business context is presented. Expand
Theoretical study of the quantitative analysis for the R&D process based on the modified Ising model: Cyclic Olefin Polymer of Zeon Corporation case study
A quantitative model of process management is introduced for the continuous period focusing on the process until end of new business development from starting early research stage after idea creation and the mathematical physics model is effective to understand the perspective R&D status. Expand
Understanding management of technology as a dynamic capability: Case study by dynamic analysis model for technology management activities
This study is part of our attempt to understand the management of technology (MOT) through the lens of dynamic models. Technological evolution creates new products, market opportunities, services,Expand
Opening the Door for the New Methodology for Optimizing Functional Material Development in Technology Management Framework II
A research study of the R&D management from various kinds of focus and scope has been done for many years. Especially, it has been quite difficult to explain the research & development project statusExpand
A new material product development management tool: A case study of high-purity ammonia gas business development for white LED application
The object of this tool is a comprehensive set of tools to help the development teams as they drive their NBD projects, which covers the full range of NBD tasks, from concept product design through to full market launch. Expand
A success factor of new digital material based start-up company for high technology industry
Many Japanese chemical material based companies supply various kinds of digital materials for high technology based industries, like semiconductor. Their market shares are over 50% in global. That isExpand
A Success Factor of a Digital Material Startup Company
  • H. Hayashida
  • Engineering
  • PICMET '07 - Portland International Conference…
  • 15 October 2007
Summary form only given. Japanese part/materials industry has high technology and competitive power globally and offers a part/materials having high reliability and performance to an end product suchExpand
A Study on the Factors of the Innovator's Dilemma in Japan
Japan's Textile industry has been called "The Forsaken Industry." In the Textile industry, while knowing that there is a market by adopting the latest technology, many in management of the textileExpand
A method for manufacturing a GaN compound semiconductor
A method of manufacturing a GaN compound semiconductor having a GaN compound layer (3-5) formed on a substrate (1) by two-phase ammonia together with a gas of an organic metal compound of a containerExpand
Novel Validation Method for the R&D Project Status Visualization
This paper attempts to understand the R&D project current state by the visualization of Physics model simulation and finds that it is likely to be able to add new findings based on quantitative data analysis by text mining to the conventional evaluation method. Expand