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Long Waves in World Industrial Production, Energy Consumption, Innovations, Inventions, and Patents and Their Identification by Spectral Analysis : Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Long-term cycles have been much discussed in the literature since Kondratieff (1926). (“Cycles” is, of course, a quite arbitrary term for these time periods.) Spectral analysis was applied by theExpand
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Observation of quadrupole splittings of organic radicals in solution by endor in liquid crystals
Abstract Quadrupole splittings of organic nitroxide radicals in solution have been observed by ENDOR in a liquid crystal. The analysis of the line shifts yields e 2 q ′ 33 Q/h = −2.5 MHz. This resultExpand
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Endor studies of organic radicals in liquid crystals
Abstract In the liquid crystal “Phase IV” which exhibits its nematic range between 16 and 76 °C ENDOR spectra of perinaphthenyl and tri- t -butylphenoxyl radicals could be recorded. It isExpand
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Prognoseverfahren in der sozialistischen Wirtschaft
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Experiences and Prospects: The Case of the GDR
The command economy seems to be an invention of the Germans, not to count emperor Diocletian’s early trials. In the last century the Prussian economist Rodbertus (1805–1875) proposed substitutingExpand
Die Proportionalität der technischen Basis im Sozialismus
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EPR-Untersuchung am Tetracyanochinodimethan-Anion in flüssigen Kristallen
The results, Table 2, indicate now a shift of the minimum to 7? = 1.72Ä, as expected. The total energy has also increased. One can argue that these results are not conclusive enough because we haveExpand
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EPR-Untersuchung an elektrolytisch erzeugten Semichinonen in flüssigen Kristallen
Abstract Electrolytically generated semiquinone radical ions have been studied in the nematic mesophase of p-azoxyanisole by EPR methods. The degree of molecular ordering of benzo-, naphtho-, andExpand