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Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer in Plane Impinging Jet
Abstract The objectives of this study are to investigate the structures and characteristics of flows and heat transfer for plane turbulent impinging jets in a confined space, where a wall-jet type ofExpand
DNS of velocity and thermal fields in turbulent channel flow with transverse-rib roughness
A detailed knowledge of both velocity and thermal fields in wall turbulence disturbed by a row of ribs on the wall is important for clarifying the chief factors of fluid and thermal dynamics relatedExpand
A New Low-Reynolds-Number One-Equation Model of Turbulence
AbstractIn this study, we propose a new Low-Reynolds-Number (LRN)one-equation model, which is derived from an LRN two-equation(k-ε) model. The derivation of the transport equation, in principle, isExpand
Investigation of turbulent boundary layer over forward-facing step via direct numerical simulation
This paper presents observations and investigations of the detailed turbulent structure of a boundary layer over a forward-facing step. The present DNSs are conducted under conditions with threeExpand
Direct numerical simulation and modelling of spanwise rotating channel flow with heat transfer
Rotating flows with heat transfer are encountered in many applications relevant to engineering, such as in turbomachinery. However, it is no easy matter to make fine measurements of rotating flowsExpand
Direct numerical simulation of stable and unstable turbulent thermal boundary layers
This paper presents direct numerical simulations (DNS) of stable and unstable turbulent thermal boundary layers. Since a buoyancy-affected boundary layer is often encountered in an urbanExpand
Analysis of Turbulent Heat Transfer under Various Thermal Conditions with Two-Equation Models
Two-equation turbulence models for velocity and thermal fields are developed to calculate wall shear flows under various pressure gradient conditions and turbulent heat transfer under various wallExpand
A rigorous two-equation heat transfer model has been constructed with the aid of the most up-to-date direct numerical simulation (DNS) data for wall turbulence with heat transfer. The DNS dataExpand
Nonlinear eddy diffusivity models reflecting buoyancy effect for wall-shear flows and heat transfer
Abstract The main objective of this study is to construct new nonlinear eddy diffusivity models reflecting buoyant effects in wall-bounded turbulent shear flows and heat transfer. It is now wellExpand