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Association between a delta opioid receptor gene polymorphism and heroin dependence in man
TWO allelic variants of the delta opioid receptor gene, distinguished by a single base exchange T to C in codon 307 of the translated region, were detected in humans. The amino acid sequence wasExpand
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Top-down model for dynamic simulation of cold-storage plants
Abstract A simulation model for dynamic processes in cold-storage plants is presented. It consists of interacting subsystems like the cold-store air, goods, room structures, cold-store walls,Expand
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Surface Wetting with Droplets: A Phase Field Approach
Felix Diewald1,∗, Charlotte Kuhn2, Michaela Heier3, Martin Horsch3, Kai Langenbach3,4, Hans Hasse3, and Ralf Müller1 1 Institute of Applied Mechanics, University of Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern,Expand
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Investigating the stability of the phase field solution of equilibrium droplet configurations by eigenvalues and eigenvectors
Abstract Phase field models have recently been used to investigate the physical behavior of droplets in static as well as dynamic situations. As those models are often driven by an Allen-CahnExpand
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Review and Comparison of Equations of State for the Lennard-Jones Fluid
Abstract The Lennard-Jones (LJ) potential is widely used for describing simple fluids; it is also a point of departure for developing models of complex fluids. Thermodynamic properties of the LJExpand
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SkaSim – Skalierbare HPC‐Software für molekulare Simulationen in der chemischen Industrie
Der vorliegende Ubersichtsartikel berichtet uber Fortschritte in der molekularen Modellierung und Simulation mittels massiv-paralleler Hoch- und Hochstleistungsrechner (HPC). Im SkaSim-ProjektExpand
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Molecular simulation of the surface tension of 33 multi-site models for real fluids
Abstract Molecular models of real fluids are validated by comparing the vapour-liquid surface tension from molecular dynamics (MD) simulation to correlations of experimental data. The consideredExpand
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Speciation in CO2-loaded aqueous solutions of sixteen triacetoneamine-derivates (EvAs) and elucidation of structure-property relationships
Abstract The speciation in CO2-loaded aqueous solutions of 16 different derivates of triacetoneamine (EvAs) was investigated in a comprehensive NMR-spectroscopic study. About 350 experiments wereExpand