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The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism and Feminism: Towards a more Progressive Union
This paper argues that the relation between marxism and feminism has, in all the forms it has so far taken, been an unequal one. While both marxist method and feminist analysis are necessary to anExpand
The Family as the Locus of Gender, Class, and Political Struggle: The Example of Housework
  • H. Hartmann
  • Sociology
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1 April 1981
Although the last decade of research on families has contributed enormously to our understanding of diversity in family structures and the relationship of family units to various other aspects ofExpand
Still a Man''s Labor Market: The Long-Term Earnings Gap
A one-piece guard preferably comprised of extruded plastic is positionable in a poultry cage and extends longitudinally thereof, generally perpendicular to the opposed end walls. The upper margin ofExpand
Paid Parental Leave in the United States: What the Data Tell Us about Access, Usage, and Economic and Health Benefits
Excerpt] This paper reviews research on the benefits of paid parental leave from the perspectives of individuals, families, employers, and the economy overall. It focuses specifically on leave takenExpand
Women's work, men's work : sex segregation on the job
Even though women have made substantial progress in a number of formerly male occupations, sex segregation in the workplace remains a fact of life. This volume probes pertinent questions: Why has theExpand
Increasing Working Mothers' Earnings.
Bringing Together Feminist Theory and Practice: A Collective Interview
Le numero dont est issu cet article a pour objectif de montrer les liaisons qui existent entre le monde theorique (academique) des feministes et le monde pratique des activistes. Afin de debattre duExpand
The Long-Term Gender Gap
It is widely believed that one of the achievements in recent decades has been the closing of the wage gap between men and women. In any single year, this is true. But measured over fifteen years,Expand