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A Survey on Inter-Cell Interference Coordination Techniques in OFDMA-Based Cellular Networks
This paper surveys the various ICIC avoidance schemes in the downlink of OFDMA-based cellular networks and makes use of new parameterized classifications to categorize and review them. Expand
Wavelength-exchanging cross connects (WEX)-a new class of photonic cross-connect architectures
All-optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks are expected to realize the potential of optical technologies to implement different networking functionalities in the optical domain. AExpand
A Framework for Identifying Reusable Software Components Using Formal Concept Analysis
  • H. Hamza
  • Computer Science
  • Sixth International Conference on Information…
  • 27 April 2009
This paper presents a novel framework for identifying and encapsulating stable domain components. Expand
WDM Optical Interconnects: A Balanced Design Approach
  • H. Hamza, J. Deogun
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
  • 1 December 2007
We propose a novel crossbar switch that minimizes hardware and control complexity and use it as a building block for developing a new class of three-stage Clos-like WDM optical interconnects, 3 < k les 2 log2 N-1. Expand
Secure multicast routing protocols in mobile ad-hoc networks
A mobile ad-hoc network MANET is a collection of autonomous nodes that communicate with each other by forming a multi-hop radio network. Expand
New attacks and efficient countermeasures for multicast AODV
We identify and describe, for the first time, three new protocol-dependant attacks on multicast operations of MAODV namely, Group Leader Selection (GLS); False Link Breakage (FLB) and Group Leader Pruning (GLP) attack. Expand
Identifying domain patterns using software stability
We propose a new approach to identifying and reusing domain patterns based on software stability. Expand
A survey on security enhanced multicast routing protocols in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of autonomous nodes that communicate with each other by forming a multi-hop radio network. Expand
Coverage in mobile wireless sensor networks (M-WSN): A survey
A mobile wireless sensor network (M-WSN) consists of sensors equipped with locomotive platforms to allow movement after initial deployment. Expand
An Algorithm for Boundary Discovery in Wireless Sensor Networks
We propose a new algorithm that can be used to discover the boundary of a randomly deployed WSN to ensure that the sensor nodes cover the target area. Expand