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Frequent transmission of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing lineage and positive selection for EsxW Beijing variant in Vietnam
It is found that Beijing lineage Mtb is frequently transferred between Vietnam and other countries, and detect higher levels of transmission of Beijing lineage strains within this host population than the endemic lineage 1 Mtb.
Modelling the Impacts of Mangrove Vegetation Structure on Wave Dissipation in Ben Tre Province, Vietnam, under Different Climate Change Scenarios
Abstract Cuc, N.T.K.; Suzuki, T.; Ruyter van Steveninck, E.D. de, and Hai, H., 2015. Modelling the impacts of mangrove vegetation structure on wave dissipation in Ben Tre Province, Vietnam, under
Contribution to the study on Triculinae snail group (Pomatiopsidae - Mollusca) in Tay Nguyen highland, Vietnam
Based on taxonomical analysis of snails collected from streams belonging to Srepok River, two new species belonging to genus Pseudotricula Dang et Ho, 2006 are recorded, and by ICZN, the generic name of PseudOTriculaDang etho, 2006 must be eliminated and replaced by the new name Vietricula dang etHo, 2008, proposed by the authors.
Impacts of climate change on agro-ecological landscapes in the coastal area of the Thai Binh province (Vietnam) using the Delphi technique
Purpose – This paper aims to facilitate the joint assessment of issues related to the agricultural systems, i.e. agriculture, aquaculture and climate change (CC) response strategies, in the coastal
An annotated checklist of the family Diaptomidae Sars, 1903 (Copepoda, Calanoida) in Vietnam
An updated checklist of Diaptomidae in Vietnam is presented, based on literature reviews and on data from voucher specimens deposited in the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR), Hanoi, which shows a total of 13 genera and 29 species.
Fresh water snail of Pachychilidae Troschel, 1857 (Gastropoda-Prosobranchia-Cerithioidea) in Vietnam
The key of identifation for fresh water snails of Pachychilidae in Vietnam and some remarks on taxonomic status of these species as well as genera: Adamietta, Brotia, Paracrostoma, Semisulcospira, Stenomelania and Sulcosp Kira are given.
The classification of snails belonging to the subfamily Triculinae (Hydrobiidae-Prosobranchia) in Vietnam
This new species of Triculinae differs from the other species of the Tricula genus known in area in shallow sutures, flat whorls, body whorl somewhat short, aperture rather ovate, and in the number of whorms which is fewer, in the shell colour and the formation of apature.
Ultrastructural Analysis of Cell Envelope and Accumulation of Lipid Inclusions in Clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isolates from Sputum, Oxidative Stress, and Iron Deficiency
Variation in the cellular adaptations among clinical M. tuberculosis isolates may correlate with their ability to persist in tuberculosis patients during antibiotic treatment, and the need for further analyzing these cellular adaptations in a large set ofclinical M.culosis isolates is indicated.
Influence of Stress and Antibiotic Resistance on Cell-Length Distribution in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clinical Isolates
Supporting these findings, individual host stresses, such as oxidative stress and iron deficiency, increased cell-length heterogeneity of M. tuberculosis strains, and synergism between host stress and RIF treatment in increasing cell length in MDR-TB strains is observed.