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Engineering ethics
  • H. Hachiya
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  • Journal of Medical Ultrasonics
  • 2003
Medical ultrasound technology is surging in the current of rapid progress being made in information technology. One result is the way we view technologists, which is indicated by frequent discussionsExpand
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Estimation of Characteristics of Echo Envelope Using RF Echo Signal from the Liver
To realize quantitative diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, we have been analyzing the probability density function (PDF) of echo amplitude using B-mode images. However, the B-mode image is affected by theExpand
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Proposal of a parametric imaging method for quantitative diagnosis of liver fibrosis
PurposeComing up with a quantitative diagnosis method for liver fibrosis using ultrasound would be highly significant. To permit tissue characterization using the characteristics of the echo signalExpand
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Examination of the Spatial Correlation of Statistics Information in the Ultrasonic Echo from Diseased Liver
To realize a quantitative diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, we have been analyzing the characteristics of echo amplitude in B-mode images. Realizing the distinction between liver diseases such as liverExpand
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Target Detectability Using Coded Acoustic Signal in Indoor Environments
An acoustic method in air has the potential to allow for the fast and accurate characterization of objects in air. Expand
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[An autopsy case of calcified squamous cell carcinoma of the pancreas with cystic hepatic metastases].
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Attempt at standardization of bone quantitative ultrasound in Japan
The Japan Osteoporosis Society established a QUS Standardization Committee in 2007 to investigate standardization of speed of sound (SOS) and broadband ultrasonic attenuation (BUA) measurements to resolve this issue. Expand
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Stability of Quantitative Evaluation Method of Liver Fibrosis Using Amplitude Distribution Model of Fibrotic Liver
In the clinical diagnosis of liver fibrosis using ultrasound B-mode images, there are some differences between individual doctors' diagnosis results. Hence, the realization of a quantitativeExpand
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Flow injection analysis for residual chlorine using Pb(II) ion-selective electrode detector.
A simple flow injection analysis (FIA) system for residual chlorine in tap water has been developed by using a Pb(II) ion-selective electrode (ISE) detector. The method is based on a specificExpand
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