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Preliminary characterisation of a lipolytic activity from an extremely halophilic archaeon, Natronococcus sp.
Abstract A crude preparation obtained from an extremely halophilic archaeon, Natronococcus sp. strain TC6, hydrolysed olive oil, indicating the presence of a true lipase. This preparation wasExpand
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Lipolytic activity from Halobacteria: screening and hydrolase production.
Strains of Halobacteria from an Algerian culture collection were screened for their lipolytic activity against p-nitrophenyl butyrate (PNPB) and p-nitrophenyl palmitate (PNPP). Most strains wereExpand
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Melghirimyces algeriensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a member of the family Thermoactinomycetaceae, isolated from a salt lake.
A novel filamentous bacterium, designated NariEX(T), was isolated from soil collected from Chott Melghir salt lake, which is located in the south-east of Algeria. The strain was an aerobic,Expand
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AH17, a new non-polyenic antifungal antibiotic produced by a strain of Spirillospora.
An antibiotic (AH17) was produced by Spirillospora strain 719. This substance was obtained only from the broth filtrate after precipitation with acetic acid followed by extraction with n-butanol. ItsExpand
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Isolation and characterization of halophilic Archaea able to produce biosurfactants
Halotolerant microorganisms able to live in saline environments offer a multitude of actual or potential applications in various fields of biotechnology. This is why some strains of Halobacteria fromExpand
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Biosurfactants Production from Low Cost Substrate and Degradation of Diesel Oil by a Rhodococcus Strain
The ability of a Rhodococcus strain to produce surface-active agents from residual sunflower frying oil (RSFO) has been screened in batch cultures. During cultivation with RSFO at the concentrationExpand
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Melghirimyces thermohalophilus sp. nov., a thermoactinomycete isolated from an Algerian salt lake.
A novel filamentous bacterium, designated Nari11A(T), was isolated from soil collected from a salt lake named Chott Melghir, located in north-eastern Algeria. The strain is an aerobic, halophilic,Expand
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Geosporobacter subterraneus gen. nov., sp. nov., a spore-forming bacterium isolated from a deep subsurface aquifer.
A novel, strictly anaerobic, chemo-organotrophic bacterium, designated strain VNs68(T), was isolated from a well that collected water from a deep aquifer at a depth of 800 m in the Paris Basin,Expand
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Novel serine keratinase from Caldicoprobacter algeriensis exhibiting outstanding hide dehairing abilities.
The current paper reports on the purification of an extracellular thermostable keratinase (KERCA) produced from Caldicoprobacter algeriensis strain TH7C1(T), a thermophilic, anaerobic bacteriumExpand
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Biodiversity of prokaryotic microflora in El Golea Salt lake, Algerian Sahara
Abstract The Algerian Sahara consists of numerous ecosystems including extreme environments in which the microbial diversity has not been characterized. We studied the bacterial and archaealExpand
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