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Extraction behavior of rutherfordium into tributylphosphate from hydrochloric acid
The extraction behavior of rutherfordium (Rf) into tributylphosphate (TBP) from hydrochloric acid (HCl) has been studied together with those of the lighter group-4 elements Zr and Hf. TheExpand
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Isolation and characterization of light actinide metallofullerenes.
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Adsorption of Db and its homologues Nb and Ta, and the pseudo-homologue Pa on anion-exchange resin in HF solution
Abstract Anion-exchange chromatography of element 105, dubnium (Db), produced in the 248Cm( 19F, 5n) 262Db reaction is investigated together with the homologues Nb and Ta, and the pseudo-homologue PaExpand
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Fluoride complexation of element 104, rutherfordium.
Fluoride complexation of element 104, rutherfordium (Rf), produced in the 248Cm(18O,5n)261Rf reaction has been studied by anion-exchange chromatography on an atom-at-a-time scale. The anion-exchangeExpand
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Development of an electrochemistry apparatus for the heaviest elements
Summary We developed a new apparatus for the study of electrochemical properties of the heaviest elements. The apparatus is based on a flow electrolytic cell combined with column chromatography.Expand
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Photon activation analysis of iodine, thallium and uranium in environmental materials
Iodine, thallium and uranium were determined by photon activation analysis. Two electron linear accelerators were used for the analysis of several kinds of environmental, biological and geochemicalExpand
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Investigation of (d,x) nuclear reactions on natural ytterbium up to 24 MeV
Abstract Production cross-sections of the natYb(d,x)169,170,171,172,173,174m,174,176m,177gLu and 169,175,177Yb reactions have been measured from a 24-MeV deuteron energy down to their respectiveExpand
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Extraction Chromatographic Behavior of Rf, Zr, and Hf in HCl Solution with Styrenedivinylbenzene Copolymer Resin Modified by TOPO (trioctylphosphine oxide)
It is of great interest to study chemical properties of the transactinide elements with atomic numbers (Z) ≥ 104. One of the most important subjects is to establish the position of the elements atExpand
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Excitation functions of deuteron-induced nuclear reactions on natural platinum up to 24 MeV
Abstract Excitation functions of the nat Pt( d , x ) 192,193,194,195,196m2,196,198m,198,199 Au, 195m,197 Pt and 190(g+m1+0.086m2),192(g+m1),194m Ir nuclear reactions were measured from the respectiveExpand
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Multiple molecular simultaneous imaging in a live mouse using semiconductor Compton camera
We have demonstrated the feasibility of semiconductor Compton cameras for multiple molecular imaging in nuclear medicine. The Compton camera used in this work comprises two double-sidedExpand
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