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Norway's Role in the Middle East Peace Talks: Between a Strong State and a Weak Belligerent
This article focuses on the secret ““back channel”” negotiations that led to the signing of the Israeli-Palestinian Oslo agreement of September 1993. The author traces the evolution of Norway9s roleExpand
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Norway and a major international crisis: Suez ‐ the very difficult case
This article reviews Norway's policy during the Suez crisis in 1956, how the policy was formed and how it can be explained. Emphasis is put on the decision‐making process and on the role of theExpand
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Facing Assad. American Diplomacy Toward Syria, 1973–1977
ABSTRACT In the wake of the 1973 October War, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Syrian President Hafez al-Assad led the United States and Syria in reviving their long-dead diplomaticExpand
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Powerful State, Powerless Mediator: The United States and the Peace Efforts of the Palestine Conciliation Commission, 1949–51
The Arab–Israeli War of 1948 produced complex questions that needed to be solved to obtain peace. Whereas the Arab states suffered humiliating defeats, Israel was the undisputed winner, expanding andExpand
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Postscript to Oslo: the Mystery of Norway's Missing Files
In Norway, the secret negotiations culminating in the 1993 Oslo agreement are still seen as a shining moment in the nation9s history, so when the files of the entire process were discovered to beExpand
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Cementing a State of Belligerency: The 1949 Armistice Negotiations between Israel and Syria
After the Arab states’ devastating defeat in the 1948 war with Israel, Syria refused to give in without a fight. Syria held on to several bridgeheads inside the former Palestine. Proving as skillfulExpand
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Mission Impossible: UN Special Representative Gunnar Jarring and His Quest for Peace in the Middle East
ABSTRACT On 23 November 1967, Gunnar Jarring, a Swedish diplomat, was appointed the United Nations Special Representative to the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Security Council had decided to launch aExpand
A Careful Minuet: The United States, Israel, Syria and the Lebanese Civil War, 1975–1976
Abstract During the spring of 1976, the Syrian army unexpectedly intervened in the Lebanese civil war. Syria’s President Hafez al-Assad had shifted his allegiances, abandoning his Muslim–PalestinianExpand
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Is THE PROBLEM of the origin and spread of Indo-European languages now finally solved? After having read the book by David W. Anthony, one is tempted to answer in the affirmative. It is certainly theExpand