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Spontaneous diabetes mellitus in the New Zealand white rabbit: history, classification, and genetic analysis.
A colony of NZW rabbits was developed in which 18 of 126 members exhibited overt symptoms of diabetes mellitus. On the basis of total body weight measurements, obesity does not appear to play aExpand
Extracellular Calcium and Acetylcholine-stimulated Insulin Secretion
The importance and possible involvement of extracellular calcium in the stimulation of insulin secretion by acetylcholine was examined in the isolated perfused dog pancreas. Acetylcholine (SO μM)Expand
Spontaneous diabetes mellitus in the New Zealand white rabbit: preliminary morphologic characterization.
Electron microscopic studies on a closed colony of rabbits with an 18.5 per cent incidence of spontaneous onset insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus revealed that the beta-cells of the islets ofExpand
Spontaneous diabetes mellitus in the New Zealand white rabbit: physiologic characteristics.
Spontaneous diabetes mellitus has been observed in a female New Zealand white rabbit. By inbreeding of this individual and her offspring, 39 litters comprising 157 animals have been studied and aExpand
Ionophore A23187-induced insulin secretion in the isolated, perfused dog pancreas.
Perfusion of ionophore A23187 (10 muM) in the isolated dog pancreas resulted in a monophasic release of insulin. Ionophore A23187 (10 muM) failed, however, to elicit insulin secretion when added toExpand
Depression of leucine and isoproterenol induced insulin secretions in the spontaneously diabetic New Zealand white rabbit.
Rabbits were studied from a closed colony of NZW rabbits which exhibits a 19% occurrance of spontaneous diabetes mellitus. Six overtly diabetic rabbits and eight rabbits with normal glucose disposalExpand
Clinically relevant doses of vitamin A decrease cortical bone mass in mice
Excess vitamin A has been associated with decreased cortical bone thickness and increased fracture risk. While most studies in rodents have employed high dosages of vitamin A for short periods ofExpand
Identification of microtubules in normal and diabetic rabbit islets grown in monolayer culture.
Abstract Twenty percent of a colony of New Zealand white rabbits develop insulinopenic diabetes characterized morphologically by hypergranularity of the beta cells. A technique to study insulinExpand
Insulin Secretion Induced by Na† Deprivation1
The effect of Na† deprivation on insulin secretion has been investigated using the isolated perfused dog pancreas. Replacement of extracellular Na† with sucrose or choline consistently resulted in aExpand