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Grounding in communication
The issues taken up here are: coordination of content, coordination of process, and how to update their common ground moment by moment. Expand
The language-as-fixed-effect fallacy: A critique of language statistics in psychological research.
Current investigators of words, sentences, and other language materials almost never provide statistical evidence that their findings generalize beyond the specific sample of language materials theyExpand
Contributing to Discourse
A model of contributions is described as parts of collective acts performed by the participants working together and it is shown how it accounts for o variety of features of everyday conversations. Expand
Conceptual pacts and lexical choice in conversation.
Evidence from 3 experiments favors a historical account and suggests that when speakers refer to an object, they are proposing a conceptualization of it, a proposal their addresses may or may not agree to. Expand
Publisher Summary This chapter presents the thesis that the child acquires English spatial expressions by learning how to apply them to the child's prior knowledge about space and that the childExpand
Referring as a collaborative process
A communication task in which pairs of people conversed about arranging complex figures is described and how the proposed model accounts for many features of the references they produced is shown. Expand
Arenas of language use
When we think of the ways we use language, we think of face-to-face conversations, telephone conversations, reading and writing, and even talking to oneself. These are arenas of languageExpand
Speaking while monitoring addressees for understanding
Abstract Speakers monitor their own speech and, when they discover problems, make repairs. In the proposal examined here, speakers also monitor addressees for understanding and, when necessary, alterExpand
Linguistic processes in deductive reasoning.
It is proposed that reasoning is accomplished mainly through certain very general linguistic processes, the same mental operations as other types of reasoning problems. Expand
Repeating Words in Spontaneous Speech
It is argued that the principles governing these stages are general and not specific to repeats, and that speakers are more likely to make a premature commitment, immediately suspending their speech, as both the local constituent and the constituent containing it become more complex. Expand