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Have Recent Controlled Substance Laws Affected Disciplinary Actions of Nevada Professional Licensing Boards?
The Nevada Legislature has implemented laws which have increased prescribing mandates for controlled substances, specifically: State Bill (SB) 459 implemented on January 1, 2016 and Assembly Bill (...
A case report on incidence of acute pain on right side of the face
Trigeminal Neuralgia is a nerve disorder of the 5th cranial nerve, i.e. Trigeminal nerve. It is one of the most painful disorders to plague humans since at least as far back as 1st century A. D. EvenExpand
A centralized system to support health care in India using cloud
Healthcare systems are the one which saves the life of many and on the other side the immunization process protecting the human-being from some serious problems. Expand
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Mechanism of Action and its Application in Periodontics: A Review
Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy is widely used in a number of areas of medical practice. HBO increases local oxygen distribution, especially at the base of the periodontal pocket, which inhibits theExpand