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Leaders and leadership in education
Challenging Leadership Leadership and the Performing School Leadership in Educational Studies Research and Researching Theory and Theorizing Preparing and Preparation Headteachers and Principals
Critical approaches to leadership in education
This article begins by presenting four main positions on the leadership in education territory: critical, humanistic, instrumental and scientific. It is argued that the current generic and
Labels and Labelling in the Field of Educational Leadership
This paper reports on theorising based on developing histories of the field of educational leadership in higher education in the UK. These histories are being constructed through the collection of
Leadership and the Reform of Education
The leadership industry Policy landscapes Institutionalised governance The game in play Knowledge and knowing Professional practice Contradictions and consequences New games?
Policy and Workforce Reform in England
Current workforce reform, known as Remodelling the School Workforce, is part of an enduring policy process where there have been tensions between public and private sector structures and cultures. I
Contesting the orthodoxy of teacher leadership
Terms such as ‘leader’, ‘manager’, ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ prevail in most schools and, accordingly, school hierarchies are viewed as rational ways of organizing teachers and their work that
Inside, outside, upside down: the fluidity of academic researcher ‘identity’ in working with/in school
Educational researchers are concerned about the ways in which researcher identity can influence practice and findings for better or worse effect. However, writings which offer narratives, intended to
Learning about student voice
We present a case study of working with a group of students as researchers and policy makers in their school. We argue that there is much to learn about the location of gender and class within
Mapping Leadership Studies in Education
This is the first of two linked articles, both reported in this edition of the journal. Taken together they consider reasons for mapping the field of leadership studies in education and make some
Rethinking Education: The Consequences of Jurassic Management
Jurassic management - extinction? Jurassic management - a metaphor Jurassic management - ignorance Jurassic management - busy but blind Jurassic management - chaotic reflexivity Jurassic management -