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Transfusion of pooled buffy coat platelet components prepared with photochemical pathogen inactivation treatment: the euroSPRITE trial.
A nucleic acid-targeted photochemical treatment (PCT) using amotosalen HCl (S-59) and ultraviolet A (UVA) light was developed to inactivate viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and leukocytes in plateletExpand
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Storage of Platelets in Additive Solutions: Effects of Phosphate
Background and Objectives: In a previous study, low adenine nucleotide levels and a reduced rate of glycolysis were found in platelet concentrates (PCs) prepared by apheresis and stored in a plateletExpand
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Defining the optimal storage conditions for the long-term storage of platelets.
Aging of platelets after in vitro storage at 22 degrees C is significantly slower than aging of platelets in vivo at 37 degrees C, a situation that may make long-term storage of platelets possible.Expand
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In vitro and in vivo effects of potassium and magnesium on storage up to 7 days of apheresis platelet concentrates in platelet additive solution
Background and Objective  Prolonged storage of platelets up to 7 days provides improved availability, logistical management and decreased wastage. Beside methods of bacterial detection, addition ofExpand
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Additive solutions for the storage of platelets for transfusion
During the last 15 years, there has been a great interest in different parts of the world in developing and utilizing platelet additive solutions (PASs) for the storage of platelet concentrates (PCs)Expand
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Storage of platelets in additive solutions: a multicentre study of the in vitro effects of potassium and magnesium
Background and Objectives  In a preliminary study, the presence of potassium and magnesium in a modified synthetic medium (PAS‐III) was found to have a significant influence on platelet metabolismExpand
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Storage of platelets in additive solutions: the effects of magnesium and potassium on the release of RANTES, β‐thromboglobulin, platelet factor 4 and interleukin‐7, during storage
Background and Objectives  Several studies have suggested that the accumulation of cytokines during storage of platelet concentrates may mediate non‐haemolytic transfusion reactions. PrestorageExpand
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Coagulation factor content of plasma produced from whole blood stored for 24 hours at ambient temperature: results from an international multicenter BEST Collaborative study
BACKGROUND: There is increasing international interest in producing components from blood that has been stored at room temperature for 24 hours. The lack of comprehensive data on the quality ofExpand
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Pharmacokinetics of cytosine arabinoside in cerebrospinal fluid and of its metabolite in leukemic cells.
Concentrations of ara-CTP in leukemic cells isolated from CSF and of ara-C in lumbar CSF were measured following intraventricular ara-C administration in two girls with refractory meningeal leukemia.Expand
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Storage of platelet concentrates from pooled buffy coats made of fresh and overnight‐stored whole blood processed on the novel Atreus 2C+ system: in vitro study
BACKGROUND: The Atreus 2C+ system (Gambro BCT) automatically separates whole blood (WB) into buffy coat (BC), red blood cells (RBC), and plasma and transfers the components into separate containers.Expand
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